I want to make better decisions and I've figured out how. When faced with the option to do something or stay home, I should always choose something. It's as simple as that. Action propels life. Let it be personal development or relationships; we create it all. Getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing something, anything, is better than nothing at all.

Last night I was given a choice. My friends were headed up to Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton, just east of  San Jose. Di and Yaz texted, saying that it would take an hour and forty minutes to reach the top of the mountain from San Francisco. I was already thrown off and shot back a series of excuses before realizing that my alternative was to sit at home and flick through Instagram, mindlessly paralyzed in awe over images that I was to lazy to create myself.

I scarfed down dinner and I watched the presidential debate. I rented a car and I went.

Things are never as bad as they seem. Di called and asked to meet halfway instead of after the hundred minute drive. Her friend met us at a corporate park and we were on our way, up 40 minutes of hairpin turns. Out the back window, the city laid out in amber luminance. The stars began to poke holes through the void like a needle through the lid of a bug jar. I stared up and I felt myself began to breath.

Di started on about the Milky Way and its galactic core. Tonight was the last day it was on show, before setting until spring. We all broke out tripods and enjoyed it.