It's important to do something that scares you, like talking to new people, buying that ticket, admitting you're wrong or saying you're sorry. My scary act for the day was trusting the internet, and it was brilliant.

Dee contacted me through Model Mayhem, a mostly seedy, yet mind-blowingly inspirational network for photographers and models. We were both new to the site, so we shared ideas for a mood board for a few weeks before agreeing to meet at Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland.

I arrived and kids were everywhere. Of course, it was a beautiful Sunday and The Peanuts Movie just came out. Dee, her fiancé, and I slipped through the doors and up the stairs to a bustling vintage balcony adorned with towering marble columns, lavish crown molding and poor lighting. We turned back to the street and met the golden hour. Then, the trip began.