The massive, rusted out warehouse was filled with installations. The space was set up to host San Francisco’s annual Halloween rave, Ghostship, and not TEDx, a sobering yet equally mind altering experience.

I could only stay for the hour, but I witnessed Keith Yamashita, of the SY Partners, speak about the need for honest creativity and the power of good design. I heard from serial venture capitalist Vitaly Golomb as he shared his stories of being a one and a half generation American, and the importance of global empathy and understanding our misunderstandings. I mean, I even heard from another guy who wanted to send us all to Mars.

But what I heard from well respected speakers fell short of the genuine conversations I had with those in attendance. I learnt from the guy standing behind me in line for a burger about the playfulness of marriage. Jordan told me about his new position at Ministry of Supply and their space tech clothing line. Reza and Jihan and talked to me about about lenses and how to control your temper. Luke Day, told me about his new startup and the t-shirt business.

There's not too much of a story here; I just wanted to tell you that I had a good time.