When people appear in your life, take them seriously. Look at them and say something as blunt as, “Lets be friends” or “I like your energy” or “I think we’d get along.” I met Eric a few weeks back, and it started just like this.

Aaron invited me to a party and I was on my way out. It was his friend’s party, someone that i had never met before. On the way over, I bought flowers from a woman selling them on the bus. She told me that they were five dollars. I said I only had two. She picked out the smallest bouquet. I handed her the money, she traded me the flowers, and I hopped down the back door. They were sickly things. One yellowish, one pinkish, and the other browning.

The apartment was full of beautiful people in all black clothes, nose rings and deep red lipstick. The friend seemed to only acquaint herself with gorgeous women and friendly guys who passed joints back and forth while standing around an old kitchen. One of the doors was falling off the hinges. The smoke filled my lungs. I felt comfortable among new friends.

Eric was sitting in an odd chair that looked like a trampoline. The chair was low to the ground and made everyone who sat in it seem small. Eric was smaller than most already, and wore large round glasses that further dwarfed his stature. 

I walked over to him, crouched down and asked if he modeled. I said that I’d like to take his picture sometime. His eyes flickered from left to right and a little smile creaked across his face as if to say “about fucking time.” He actually said no, but that he would like to. He said he just moved to San Francisco and that all of his photographer friends were back east.

We exchanged numbers, set a date and produced this set. Just for the love of it. I hope you enjoy.