Saigon Covergirl

Beauty has and will always be subjective. Constructed from general misconceptions and the desire to be accepted into the popular whole, beauty is becoming the antithesis of nature’s intentions, a mutation of it’s roots. In Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, women bleach their skin and wrap themselves head to toe under a 40 C sun in an attempt to preserve porcelain skin. Ironically, in order to preserve this beauty, it must be hidden from sight.

Saigon’s Covergirl is exploration in the striking absurdity of Vietnamese beauty. The six piece series depicts a hyperbolic near future where environmental and social pressures force the quintessential Vietnamese beauty to completely cover up. Styled after fashion editorial shoots, the Beauty dons traditionally inspired clothing while wearing a painted gas mask, effectively becoming her synthetic face. 

Huge thanks to Keisha Strikker, Naomi Roestel, and Duylam Nguyen-Ngo.