Create and Give it Back

Nupoora Reddy asked me to help her with photos for her new project We shot at Sutro Baths along San Francisco's Pacific coast and the weather was perfectly overcast. She was too easy to photograph. 

Her project gives back. As a painter and illustrator, her style uses strict lines with powerful color that bleeds off the page. The minimal pieces pull no punches. There's a lot of emotion conveyed in her figures and each is an impactful story. Noops sells her work and loans the proceeds to women throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East who wouldn't receive help from financial institutions otherwise. When the women make good on the loan, the interest is put straight back in to the coffer to reinvest in another.

Please give her site a look. Regardless of whether you can help or not, her work alone deserves a look.

Thank you Nupoora for your beautiful encouragement, honest soul, and calming empathy.